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As an ‘isolated’ city, Juneau has a robust a ‘can-do’ attitude and residents brimming with energy and imagination. The city is an arts mecca and is rich with non-profit organizations. Because Juneauites can’t just drive to a nearby city for services, culture and shopping, these activities thrive locally, drawing residents from around the region. Juneau is a premier arts community. The performing arts, music, the visual arts and indigenous (Tlingit) culture have thrived in our community. A renaissance in Native American art, regalia and ceremony is showcased every even-numbered year in May, during Celebration, when Tlingit, Haida, Tsimpsian and other tribes gather in Juneau for dancing and scholarship. Perseverance Theatre, in its 37th year, provides nationally-recognized regional professional theatre during a five show season. Local favorite Theatre in the Rough produces Shakespeare and other classics. The Juneau Symphony Orchestra, once known for its effort, is now recognized for its accomplishment. The Juneau Lyric Opera, Opera to Go and several smaller companies produce shows annually. Many painters and other fine artists call Juneau home, and display their work here and in galleries in and outside Alaska. The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council offers a wide range of programs and services supporting local arts and produces acts from around the world. The Alaska Folk Festival and the Juneau Jazz and Classics Festival bring outstanding musicians to the city for week-long festivals each spring.

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