In spite of the recent housing crisis in the US, Alaska’s housing market remains stable and affordable compared to the rest of the nation. While the average price for homes in Juneau is high, there are always rentals on the market.

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Juneau has a wide range of options for people wishing to move into this town. There are houses and condos to buy, as well as apartments that are available to rent. One of the best places to look for rental openings is the local paper the Juneau Empire.


Downtown Juneau is located in the southern part of Juneau, Alaska. There are a variety of houses and apartments available in this part of Juneau. Living in Downtown you will be close to the State Office Building (where many of the government jobs are located), the State Capital, the courthouse, Juneau Douglas High School, the State Museum, Juneau-Douglas Museum, the Governor’s Mansion, and much more.

West Juneau

West Juneau is located across the Gastineau Channel from Downtown Juneau on Douglas Island right up the mountain from the Douglas bridge. There are nice homes located in West Juneau and while still within walking distance of Downtown and the high school, there are not any stores, restaurants or businesses it is just houses. Due to the fact that the houses are built mostly on a hill or right on the water the likelihood of a beautiful view is very high.


Douglas refers to the downtown area of Douglas Island. Located near the only Sandy Beach in Juneau aptly named Sandy Beach. Douglas has its own vibe and can function as its own little town within a town. There are restaurants, gas stations, a library, school, and local convenience store. The Island Pub is a popular hangout for many people as well as the meeting place for the Knowledge Industry Network on the third Thursday of every month.


The Valley refers to the Mendenhall Valley which is located along the Mendenhall River and in the shadow of Thunder Mountain. Living in the Valley you are within walking distance of many trails and parks as well as two elementary schools, Floyd Dryden Middle School and the newly opened Thunder Mountain High School. The Valley is the location of two malls, the Mendenhall Mall and Nugget Mall. The view may not always be as nice as other parts of Juneau, but you might walk outside and find a black bear sleeping in your yard.

Lemon Creek

Lemon Creek is located on the otherside of Thunder Mountain from the Valley and is north of Downtown. Located near to the Fred Meyer, WalMart, Costco, as well as the largest Breeze-Inn (a local convenience store, that sells sandwiches, doughnuts, bagels, etc.). Living in Lemon Creek you are conveniently located halfway between the Valley and Downtown as well as walking distance of Dzantik’i Heeni Middle School. Living in Lemon Creek you are never that far from anywhere, the movie theatre, restaurants, or stores.

Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes area is just south of Lemon Creek and north of Downtown. It is an area similar to West Juneau, but instead of looking out at Gastineau Channel and Downtown, you are looking out at Gastineau Channel, the Wetlands, and North Douglas. Living in Twin Lakes you are conveniently located to a very nice walking trail around the lakes, as well as the majority of doctor’s office and the local hospital.

North Douglas

North Douglas for some might be considered out of the way and a bit far from the rest of town, but you are surrounded by one of the most beautiful places in the world and who could ask for much more.

Auke Bay

Auke Bay is located a little further out the road, but you are even closer to the ocean, the local university, as well as the Auke Bay boat dock. Fishing being one of the great pasttimes of Juneau residents living in Auke Bay gives you great access to the marina and local islands to fish, camp and swim at.

Out the Road

The term out the road for the most part refers to people that live past the ferry terminal.